Feet & Body ($35)

 This is focus on feet to improve your circulation. To prevent the Chronic Diseases occur include Back Shoulder, Head and Hands ( $2  for milk or lavender soaking) 

Body & Feet Combo (60 mins) $ 45

This is 30 minutes on feet reflexology, 30 min full body deep tissue. 

Feet & Body Combo (90 mins) $ 75

 Include 40 mins feet head neck & 50 minutes body Neck Shoulder 

Fullbody Oil & Deep Tissue $60 /hr

This can do both Deep Tissue with hard pressure or Gentle with Essential Oil, good for easing muscle Ache, tension and Lower back pain, create relaxation. 

Neck & Shoulder (chair table) $60 /hr

To concentrate on your discomfort shoulder and neck & head, to release stress tension & headache 

Pillow Neck Pain Treatment $40/30 minutes

When people who wake up since neck turn with pain, please don't hesitate visit us. 

Lymphatic Dranage Treatment $60/hr

This one use Essential oil massage the specific parts of lymphatic area, toxin from body manual pumping technique cause Tiny Lymphatic capillaries to open and close effective treatment for Lymphederma 

Hot Stone Massage ($60/hr)

This treatment we use the warm stone to put upon the specific point of your body bladder and Du Meridians.