Reflexology 101

Posted - 12/22/2011

Reflexology is an ancient discovery that involves massage as a way of healing the body. Reflexology studies the feet and how each part of a person's foot is connected to another part of the body. Professional massage therapists are trained in reflexology and will perform it upon request. What is most interesting about reflexology is that it is used to treat conditions that would not normally be considered treatable by massage. For instance, allergy sufferers can experience allergy relief through massaging a certain part of their foot.People have also reported improved digestion from reflexology. Contact a professional healing massage company for a reflexology appointment today. 

How to Get Rid of the Toxins in My Body After a Massage


Posted - 11/22/2011

Many massage therapists believe that toxins are released after a massage. To help process these toxins, the body uses the elimination system, hair, and the skin as detox pathways. Make sure you drink plenty of water. The liver requires liquid to dilute toxins and carry them out of the body. In addition, you also want to take a hot bath with Epsom salts. Bath salts bring toxins to the surface of the skin similar to a sauna. Therapists recommend about one cup of salt per tub of water. Allow yourself time to soak; it takes a good half an hour. 

Preparing the Feet for Reflexology

 All that is really needed to prepare the feet for reflexology is to take your socks off and enjoy. Applying pressure in the foot area, as well as hands, to relieve pressure in other parts of the body is what reflexology is about. Applying gentle or firm pressure in the foot area can induce relaxation in specific organs of the body. Massaging areas of the feet, termed reflex points, correspond to the body's glands and organs. This helps to promote healing of these areas. Reflexology can help to relieve headaches, back pain and help to reduce stress and induce deep relaxation throughout the body. 

The Benefits of a Healing Massage

Everyone knows that a massage feels great but few know that a healing massage can be beneficial to your health and overall well-being. As the number of repetitive physical injuries and stress-related disorders rise, people are turning to massage to help with pain and anxiety issues. Massage goes deep into the tissue, relieving muscle spasms as it calms and centers the nervous system. A healing massage also helps with non-physical ailments such as tension, nervousness and depression. So great are the benefits of a healing massaging that many doctors recommend it as a form of physical therapy for their patients. 

What Does a Hot Stone Massage Consist Of?

A Hot Stone Massage is different than the ordinary massages you might think of. Hot stones are applied to certain areas of the body, especially along the back, to relax muscles and to relieve any pressure areas. These massages can be quite soothing. A type of stone called Basalt is used due to its smoothness. The stones are heated in water. The stones may vary in sizes and weights. The therapist can use just the right touch and pressure to relieve problem areas. Hot Stone Massages can release toxins from the body, improve circulation and help to relieve stress and tension.